Fee-Based Investment Management

 Investment Management is our primary business activity and one of the cores of any households’ financial well-being.  We believe in the time tested approach and philosophies of Modern Portfolio Theory and construct client portfolios based on asset class selection and diversification, not by picking single stock’s or attempting to time markets.  We use low cost index funds as well as some managed funds that enable access to certain asset classes that don’t have adequate index fund offerings.  

Comprehensive Financial Planning


Having and maintaining a thoughtful financial plan is another key core to a households’ financial health.  By harnessing the capabilities of the web-based eMoney Wealth Management System, Cadence advisors guide clients to a much higher and clearer understanding of their existing situation and then identify and uncover opportunities to improve it.  The planning process is an integral part of every client relationship and a complimentary component to the investment advisory and management services Cadence offers.  Our process ensures that your financial world is organized, easy to understand and always accessible to you.



Our team of wealth managers works with clients in Washington and nationwide to help them develop realistic plans for retirement. We can assist clients with a range of retirement planning issues, including:

  • Accumulation and investment management for retirement
  • Retirement and income distribution projections
  • Risk management
  • Estate planning
  • Pension maximization


 Families and individuals spend a considerable amount of time building wealth over a lifetime (or several lifetimes).  Managing the transfer of that wealth to others and balancing the sometimes competing needs of different individuals can be a complex and confusing process.  The tax implications of improper or insufficient planning for estates that are above the federal exclusion threshold can be extraordinary.  While we are not attorneys and do not draft any estate planning documents ourselves, we often work very closely with clients and their representatives to facilitate proper planning and to provide our advice where appropriate. If necessary, we can take advantage of relationships with several well-qualified estate planning professionals that we have worked with over the years to provide these services to our clients (they would work on a fee basis directly with our clients; we would not have any financial stake in the relationship). This is a complex and ever-changing environment and it is important to have any documents reviewed and updated on a regular basis. 


 Cadence Wealth Management works with clients and their tax representatives to operate in a tax-efficient manner and also to help them to defer taxes for as long as possible. Tax efficiency and tax management are an important element of each of the planning disciplines. We focus on the tax impacts of available alternatives and how best to balance the desire to minimize taxes with other goals that we are looking to achieve for our clients. In the investment arena this may involve when and how to exercise employee stock options or restricted stock or when to take capital gains (and losses). Retirement and education planning both balance the desire to put money away for the future while maintaining liquidity and control over the investment and disposition of the assets. There are various ways to pay for insurance products that impact the tax treatment of the ultimate benefit that may be received. Taxes have a significant impact on many financial decisions and it is important to understand the tax implications prior to taking action. 

Small Business/ 401(k) Investment Advisory Services

Cadence Wealth Management is a registered investment  advisory firm in the State of Washington that provides investment  advisory services to employer-sponsored qualified retirement plans. 

Employers that sponsor an ERISA plan shoulder a  major responsibility.  Plan fiduciaries must select the appropriate  service provider(s) at a reasonable cost, determine the optimal plan  design, choose and monitor investments, keep up with legislative  changes, ensure the plan is administered properly, and educate and  inform employees.  Fortunately, under ERISA, employers have the ability  to hire skilled professionals to help with their retirement plan  investment decisions.

As a co-fiduciary, Cadence Wealth Management can  help employers with the proper fiduciary governance of their  company-sponsored qualified retirement plan.

Fiduciary Oversight

 Cadence Wealth Management's co-fiduciary process begins with an  assessment of the existing 401(K) plan.  This includes an evaluation of  the plan demographics, providers, investments, costs, and participant  education experience.  Next, we assist with the design of a new  Investment Policy Statement.  The process continues with the ongoing  review of investment performance, evaluation of administration and  investment fees, and assistance with the design and delivery of employee  communications.  

Investment Policy Statement

 Employers can minimize their fiduciary liability by implementing an  Investment Policy Statement (IPS).  An IPS outlines a detailed, prudent  plan of action for the plan fiduciaries to follow.  It describes the  plan's investment philosophy, risk tolerance and long-term goals to help  guide all decisions made regarding the plan. Cadence Wealth Management  will assist in the design of a customized IPS.  

Investment Selection and Monitoring


Cadence Wealth Management works with plan sponsors  to select a line-up of funds to offer to plan participants.  Diversification reduces the risk of uncertainty and asset allocation in  numerous asset classes will determine the results in the participant  account. Accordingly, funds are recommended that provide ample  diversification opportunities for plan participants.
Cadence Wealth Management reviews client  accounts at least quarterly regarding fund performance, fund selection,  etc. Clients are provided with a quarterly performance report that  details fund performance versus appropriate peer and index benchmarks.

Provider Selection and Monitoring

  Cadence Wealth Management is not tied to a particular provider and will  recommend what is best for each company and its employees. In the event  of a provider change (i.e. TPA, custodian), Cadence Wealth Management  will help manage the conversion process to the new provider. In  addition, Cadence Wealth Management will act as the primary contact for  all aspects of plan servicing. Providers will be monitored to ensure  that they continue to meet the company's needs.